New Tesla Finance Deals

If you were to ask me what my favourite car was my answer could only be the Tesla and I managed to get one by taking advantage of Tesla finance. I think the American all Electric cars look stunning and run superbly. So it was my dream to get one before my 40th Birthday so I began my search for the most suitable model to meet my needs and my wants. I eventually narrowed it down to a couple of models and after further deliberation I made my decision. It had to be the Tesla Model S financing, what a stunning sedan it turned out to be.
tesla model s
Who could disagree that this car is sleek, elegant and has plenty of zap. However the obstacle I had to overcome was how to finance my dream. At £50k this model was just a little out of range for me, but I was determined so I looked into Tesla Finance Deals.

Tesla Finance Made Easy

Tesla has it’s own finance package which is amazing. It offers a standard finance deal at a competitive apr rate over three years. However the best part about it is that the company is so confident that this model will hold it’s price that it will buy back the car at 50% of the cost price after 3 years. The owner can then use the money to pay off the remaining loan or they can clear the remaining balance.

I’m thinking a Tesla for 3 years at £850 a month then give it back and get the latest model and start again. It’s almost like a hire purchase. the only draw back is that you can only do £15000 miles per year which isn’t that bad as it’s above the annual standard mileage of £12,000. Tesla finance even give you a few options and you can even take it out over 72 months.


Where to get Ferrari Finance

A mate of mine has recently be considering giving his image a face lift starting with getting a Ferarri 458 sports car. At £152K it is going to take a chunk out of his savings so he decided to look into financing and whether it would be better to take out finance with a ferrari finance dealer or to look into an independent finance company such as oracle or super car finance.
ferrari finance

After looking around at different companies he was amazed at the variety and inconsistency in interest rates of loans. What he found was that there were lots of options available to him.

Ferrari Finance deals

Most Ferrari Finance companies will give you a loan which is tailored to your requirements. Whether you have a high percentage to put down on the car or would prefer to pay a percentage at the end of the contract which is called a balloon payment. Loans could be spread over 36 months, 72 months and even 100 months. Obviously most of these companies are out to make money from your loan and the longer you take the loan out for then the higher the apr rate.

Another way to pay was by using a day to day interest rate that meant that when you made your monthly payment the interest was then charged against your remaining balance rather than the full amount. Taking out a loan for such a high amount of money is not always easy and finance companies will take you through some rigorous financial checks and credit rating. What my friend found was that the interest rates depended on the credibility of the individual and the risk to the company.

Best Super Cars for 2016

I’m a bit of a petrol head and Top Gear is on top of my must watch list. Not that I always agree with the presenters findings, claims and opinions. I just have to what it as I like to find out what are the best super cars. Whether they are American, German or Italian. Whether they are Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche I just love them.

super cars

They have such high performance with their magnificent engines rising from V6 to V16. The aero dynamic design of them is sleak and I love the way they just hug the road. Not always made for city driving I guess but stunning all the same even if they are made just for the track.

The Most Expensive Super Cars

The most expensive of the super cars this year has to be the Aston Martin Vulcan from the Americans. OK it is only for the race track but who cars it is such a stunning car that this is just a small minor. The price is just a mere £2.4 million so you’ll probably put it on your Christmas list and keep all your fingers crossed.

When I think of the name Vulcan I think of the Star Trek Mr Spock and he was always traveling at wharp speed so that says it all about the performance of the car. It has a v12 7 litre engine which answers to all the pundits questions on how quick it will reach those race track speeds. It’s really aerodynamic and stands at just over 1.18m in height so the larger man will find this a bit of a strain on the back but I’m sure that won’t hold them back from admiring this dream machine.

There will only be a limited amount of these made so the big boys will be putting their names down on Aston Martin’s lists.